Who are we?

We are Daniële and Ed Slingerland.
In love since 1989
Mum and Dad since 2001
Married since 2002
Self-employed since 2014
Platinum Brand Ambassadors since 2018







We are Daniëlle & Ed Slingerland, married after a romance in Benidorm in 1989. Our family is made up of our 2 boys Michael and Colin, 1 Doodle puppy Franky and Violet, our lovely cat.

In June 2014, Daniëlle was living a stressful life working as a management assistant, as Ed had become unemployed due to a reorganisation and redundancy was approaching for her as well. In addition, we had a family member, who was terminally ill, causing a lot of tension and many a short and restless night.

Although we could not do it financially, we bought the Young Living Starter Bundle to support our whole family. A bundle with the most used oils for the most common questions in a household. Since we were already working on a healthy lifestyle, the 100% natural essential oils from Young Living fit in perfectly.

We shared with friends, family, and everyone we talked to about our experience and what this kit had done to shift our lives. We were already very active on social media, so we shared it there too and got interested in the products, just like we did with a good movie, a good book or a new restaurant. The choice to start with the business opportunity that Young Living offers was therefore quickly made. Helping people, as we had been helped, sharing the possibilities and getting paid for it was a great opportunity to do what we do best without having to make a big investment.

After 8 months, the day Ed started a new job, Daniëlle started working full time from home on our Young Living business. Meanwhile, since 1 January 2018, Ed has been able to quit his job to help and support Danielle full time in building our own business.


My specialty: networking & connecting, mentoring and seeing “the bigger picture”.

Oil top 5: Stress Away, Abundance, Cedarwood, PPP (Progressence Phyto Plus) and JOY

Product top 5: Dentarome toothpaste, Sheerlume, Savvy makeup, Mirah hairoil, Animal Ointment

Where do you find me: Behind my laptop, in my hobby room or walking along the beach

Danielle in 3 words: Connector, Oversharer, Dream chaser

What’s on my Bucket List: mainly trips that I still want to make. All the wonders of the world are on it, but definitely The Aurora Boreale, be a volunteer at an elephant sanctuary and see baby turtles racing to the sea.

My speciality: spreadsheets, writing and directing of text.

Oil specialities: Supplementen, CBD and Healing Touch for Animals®.

Oil favorits: Shutran, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Mister, Deep Relief & Joy

Favourit products: Raindrop Kit, NingXia Red, BLM, IlluminEyes, Shutran 3-in-1 Wash

Where can you find me: On the baseball-field, watching or coaching, in a recordstore, in our musicstudio or just enjoying the sun on the beach or on a terrace.

Ed in 3 words: collector, (over)analyzer, Introvert

What is still on my Bucketlist: Red Sox Fantasy Baseball Camp, diving certificate en and visit Nepal (as a volunteer with the YL Foundation or as visitor to a Buddhist monastery)

Together we enjoy:

Music, dancing, Sci-Fi & Fantasy series/films and each other.
It is our dream in the future to spend the winter abroad and visit all the Young Living farms!

We have already ticked off 4 of them: 

Dalmatia Aromatic Farm & Distillery, Split, Croatia
St. Maries Farm, Idaho, USA
Mona Farm, Utah, USA
Finca Botanica Farm, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Would you like to read more about the Farms and why we are so enthusiastic about them? Click here!

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