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Who Is Oiled By Nature?

Our names are Ed & Danielle Slingerland, married after a romance in Benidorm many years ago. Together we have 2 teen sons: Michael and Colin, 1 retired aid dog and our cat Violet. We have very busy lifes that for the greater part is to Ed, baseball and vinyl, to our teens to play baseball, water polo, gaming and to Daniëlle's many hobbies, including launching Facebook groups to share her passions like Scrapbooking, Baking, Crochet and her Filofax.

We were introduced to the oils in June 2014, a time when we desperately needed them. We were going through a very stressful time (unemployment for Ed, pending unemployment for Danielle and a very sick loved one) which resulted in restless nights for Danielle and we both were too tense. Per recommendation of a girlfriend we bought the Premium Starter Kit. We have been working on a healthy lifestyle for a number of years, and the Young Living Essential oils fit in perfectly. In the meantime, the products help everyone in our family to get relief from anything and everything we could be needing body, mind and soul. We really use the oils in all areas: school, work, sports, beauty, household, etc.

Through our work we have learned so much about synthetic chemicals that are everywhere. We replaced all products (for ourselves, our home and our animals) for Young Living products; a clean swap to a real toxic-free lifestyle. Not something that happened overnight but something we worked towards; every empty product was replaced with a Young Living product.

The products were such a good match and sharing how they supported us was second nature so becoming a distributor for Young Living was a no brainer for us.

We love helping other people, it brings us joy when we can help others support their health in a natural way (body, mind or soul) just like we do. And what’s just as much fun is mentoring our team of distributors, so they too can support their families in a natural way and at the same time realize their dreams and become financially independent, by building a business with Young Living just as we have.

After 8 months, the day Ed started his new job was Danielle’s first day working with Young Living fulltime. Fast forward to January 2018, we are Platinum leaders with Young Living, Ed quit his job and we are now both working this business fulltime!

Our lives have been transformed in such a positive way, and we share whenever and wherever we can, what Young Living and a chemical free lifestyle can bring you on a personal and business level.