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Our Oiled By Nature Team

Hardly any Young Living members thinks about he business part beforehand, or some might even find, Young Living being an Affliate* Marketing company, a bit scary even. 

However, Young Living is not like regular MLM companies: as a distributor you build your own business, you do not invest money, you do not have any sales targets and there is no pressure to make a purchase.

What people do not realize is that everyday are network marketing: they regularly share their favorite companies, products, movie of books on social media regularly without getting paid for the referall.  That being said makes it evident,  we all like to share what makes us happy and Young Living is a company that operates on the basis of referrals and rewards those for their guidance and advisement on how their products can best be used and incorporated in ones life.

If you  would like to share your enthusiasm for these products - or maybe found that you already are - then you might want to consider this.

If you are currently working in the wellness industry, the products of Young Living would be a lovely addition to your current activities. If you are interested in using them in your practice, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. It does not matter where you are based, Young Living is a company that operates worldwide, we have distributors in our team based in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Canada. 

Using the products of Young Living, sharing, advising, guiding our members, guiding our team is the best job there is!

* Affiliate Marketing according to Young Living means: in addition to building a successful business, maintain your relationships, take part in (inter) national events, you will receive a large compensation for the support of your team members and you will be appreciated for your bet. Young Living ensures continuous guidance and support in the form of conferences / seminars / lectures.