Bring Beisbol 2 Ecuador

The purposeof thi sproject is to raise money and bring goods to help the kids of Chingón in Ecuador play sports, in this case Baseball (Beisbol in Spanish).

The Young Living Foundation Fundraiser

In order to streamline the donations that come from all over the world, The Young Living Foundation has set up a fundraiserpage. The money that comes in through that page will be EN-TIRE-LY spend on the kids, the field and wathever equipment is necessary to play Baseball in Chingón, Ecuador.

My flight, stay and other costs in Ecuador are paid for by me, unless you want to donate to that too...

If you want to donate equipment, you are more than welcome to
- buy it yourself
- bring whatever you have at home or at the club and
drop it off at our place - if your are in the Amsterdam, NL area.

Everything is more than welcome, as you can see from the picture on our Facebook page, there are only a few helmets, even less bats and just a couple of gloves and balls for approximately 335 kids.