Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Starting today, you can take advantage of a series of new discounts on essential oils and essential oil-based products.

There are discounts not only on diffusers and singles, but also on blends and products for men, children and animals.

We have thought of everyone! You’ll also get discounts on products from our popular Thieves® collection and our nutritional supplement JuvaPower, which is perfect for winter.

The Cyber Monday Deals are valid until 10 PM tomorrow, November 29, 2022!



This is the sale everyone has been waiting for! Save up to 50% temporarily in the Black Friday Sale!

In the sale, you’ll truly find something for everyone, from singles to blends, from items for kids to nutritional supplements and from skin and hair care to makeup. And you can buy Thieves® products at bargain prices in our exclusive Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday runs from THURSDAY, November 24, 2022 10 a.m. to SATURDAY, November 26, 2022 6 p.m.!

So be there on time because gone = really gone….

DID YOU KNOW… November 2022

DID YOU KNOW… November 2022

there is a big difference between Super B9 folate and folic acid?

Vitamin B9 (often mistakenly used interchangeably with folic acid), can come from food in the form of folate, or can be synthetically processed in the form of folic acid.

Vitamin B9 is a water-soluble vitamin and thus is not stored in the body. Instead, it is taken in the form of folic acid.

The name, folate, comes from Latin for “leaf,” as green leafy vegetables, legumes and citrus fruits are the richest sources of this vitamin.

Folates are available in many forms; folates in food remain metabolically active and appear in the main circulating form as 5-methyl tetrafolate.

This form has a host of positive functions and benefits in the body, including amino acid and nucleic acid biosynthesis, conversion of amino acids, replication of DNA and RNA, and also acts as a co-factor in a number of biological processes.

Folic acid on the other hand, the supplement form of vitamin B9 , remains metabolically inactive until it is converted into folates. The conversion of folate to tetrahydrofolate (THF) is done by the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase in the liver.

Read the explanation from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration of USA) HERE.

Frequently Asked Question… November 2022

Frequently Asked Question… November 2022

Why does Young Living use fish collagen in its skin care products?

There are always questions about why Young Living uses certain compounds while “the competitor” uses a different compound for the same effect.

Alejandra Castellon, MSc Sr. Manager of Product Development – Nutrition at Young Living Essential Oils, explains why and how Young Living uses Collagen in its skincare products.

Check out the whole video HERE!

Frequently Asked Question… Oktober 2022

Frequently Asked Question… Oktober 2022

What does the phrase “Pure Therapeutic Grade” – used to describe some essential oils – mean?

The phrase doesn’t really mean that much… “Therapeutic Grade”, “Pure Therapeutic Grade”, “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, “Clinical Grade”, “Pharmaceutical Grade” etc. do not actually say anything about the quality or purity of an essential oil.

These terms are simply marketing or trademark terms used by some companies. Sometimes the term is used to describe the company’s quality standards, but since the terms are not regulated by any third party or government agency, they are simply terms used by companies for marketing purposes.

By definition, all essential oils are “therapeutic.” This simply means that they have some effect on the body’s systems. As long as you buy 100% pure essential oils, you don’t have to worry about using an inferior product.

Well-respected companies like Young Living provide documentation in the form of GC/MS tests and also provide the country of origin, Latin (botanical) name and other information about chemotypes.

Frequently Asked Question… September 2022

Frequently Asked Question… September 2022

Is a Wolfberry the same thing as a Goji berry?

Qouqi, as the Chinese usually refer to the Wolfberry berry, was too difficult for most people to pronounce and was transmuted into Goji sometime in the 1970s.

The Goji and Wolfberry berry are both part of the Lycium berry family, and they both have the same red color and virtually the same taste as well. Is it getting confusing already?

The “common” Wolfberry grows in several regions in China, but the specific berry Young Living uses for its Ningxia products only grows in the mountains between China and Inner Mongolia – referred to as Ningxia – where the melt water from the mountain caps is so clear that it contains no pollution, guaranteeing quality.

D. Gary Young went to those remote hills of China over twenty years ago where he met Dr. Songqiao Chao. He introduced him to the bright red Goji berry. The locals found the berry not only delicious, but also useful because of its properties. Gary soon saw that those who consumed Goji berries benefited. He discovered that Chinese biochemists at the Ningxia Institute of Nutrition had analyzed the Goji berry and found that it was one of the most nutritious food sources in the world.

In Tibetan medicine, doctors use Wolfberry for its properties and often include it in formulas that include other botanicals and herbs. According to Tibetan medicine, Wolfberry has neutral and sweet energetic properties. Currently there is a very good study (1) that shows very well that Young Living’s Ningxia-Red can be a good supplement for almost anyone.
We do not diagnose or prescribe drugs or diets. Therefore, when in doubt, always contact your treating physician first.