You have less and less enzymes as you get older?

Because modern man (Homo Sapien) is actually “designed” to live up to 50 years, and your diet changes several times during your life, you can probably imagine that the inside of your body also changes over the years.
So does the inside of your digestive system!

Where once your digestive system was used to only breast milk, within a couple of years it had to get used to semi-solid food and in later years even to solid food only. Back in the day, people were much more used to foods that were already fermented, so there was much less demand on the enzymes, unlike modern foods that often should hardly pass for food due to the production process…. So the enzymes in the digestive system changed along with it.

And then we come back to the longevity of our bodies, where the later years of our current way of life can actually no longer take into account the way our food should be digested… In other words, we have to change our diet (which is actually always good – lactose and gluten free, kefir or kombucha), or we are going to give the enzymes a helping hand by adding supplements to our diet.

If you want to know more about the supplements, ask us!