iTOVi scan

How nice would it be if your body could tell you for itself what it would need to regain balance, to grow or to feel good about itself?

iTOVi can do that!

An iTOVi scanner can, in just two minutes, scan your body and show you in a concise overview which oils or supplements can currently offer the most support. The person who takes your scan can email you the extended version of the scan when he or she has finished the scan. It does not make a diagnosis, let's be clear about that! It can be used as supporting advice.

You can therefore see the iTOVi scan as a kind of GPS system that shows the way.

By measuring bio-markers, through the energy channels in your body, you get insight in which areas your body, physically, emotionally or both, need extra support to get it back in balance.

All Young Living oils and supplements are linked to the program, so the program looks for the right Young Living products from the markers that need attention. However, it can be set to only look at the products available in Europe.

Do you also want more insight into what your body needs?

Oiled by Nature will give you a free (valued €25), fully detailed scan when:

- you purchase a Premium Starter Kit using our referral ID;
- you participate in the ER (Essential Rewards) savings program you will receive multiple scans (for yourself and your family);
- you host an Essential Oils Introduction class about the Young Living oils at your home.

Do you want to buy an iTOVi yourself, use this referral link