ZYTO scan

Wouldn’t it be great if your body would tell you exactly what it needs to be more balanced, to grow or  be more comfortable in your own skin? You can with a Zyto compass scan!

A Zyto scans your body, in a matter of minutes, and gives a detailed report stating which oils or supplements could offer your body support.

It does not diagnose it advises, let’s be very clear about that!

You could consider the Zyto scan  a kind of GPS system that points the way to a more balanced you both physical and emotionally.

By measuring the 76 biomarkers, through the energy channels in your body, the zyto provides you with insight which areas of your body are in need of support to a more balance you. Young Living oils and supplements are linked to the program, it matches the markers to the right products that.

Interested in more insight as to what your body needs?

Oiled by Nature will give you a free, fully detailed scan when:

- you purchase a Premium Starter Kit using our referral ID;
- you participate in the ER (Essential Rewards) program you will receive multiple scans (for yourself and your family);
- you host an information class about the Young Living oils at your home.

The cost for a Zyto scan is € 25.00 per person.