About Young Living

Founded by Gary & Mary Young, Young Living's mission is to introduce the age-old uses of essential oils to every family around the world. They are the market leader and the only ones to guarantee Seed to Seal™: 100% natural oil with a therapeutic quality that has the highest frequency on the market.

Young Living Essential Oils has over 100 single oils, over 60 oil blends and many products to which the oils have been added (food supplements, household products, body care products, mineral make-up and so on); in short, a total package for a more natural lifestyle. These oils are produced in various countries around the world on their own farms according to the Seed to Seal™ principle. The farms are located in Highland Flats, Idaho, USA; Simiane-La-Rotonde, France; Split, Croatia; Mona, Utah, USA; Salalah, Oman; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Fort Nelson, BC, Canada.

Young Living is a purpose-driven company (instead of just looking for profit). At the International Grand Convention 2014, Gary Young said: "I've never made a product for profit, I'm doing it because I have a goal in mind".
Young Living is committed to making a real difference in the world. In addition to working well with local people in the countries where the farms are located, Young Living is also socially involved and, with the D. Gary Young Foundation, helps many families around the world.

Young Living was founded 25 years ago by D.Gary Young.

Raised in a simple log cabin in the mountains where life was tough but honest, his father always said: "listen to the wind or the call of an animal. Look at the tracks to see where the animal is going. Look at the trees and see how they move. Look at the shape of a seed and the plant that grows from it. Nature always tells you what is real and what is not: it will always show you the truth".

Gary's father taught him at a young age how important it was to take care of nature, what was good for you and what wasn't, and said "don't believe what you hear, believe what you see and listen, learn and understand".

Mother Nature took care of the family; he grew and was trained from an early age to help plant, grow, harvest, grind, clean, dry, preserve and store crops.

At the age of 18 he had his own (logging) farm and shortly afterwards he had a terrible accident. The doctors told him that he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. A terrible prospect he couldn't accept; it was mentally an enormous ordeal, where he was eventually forced to find a way to live with his pain and misery.

He didn't sit down and started a search to get the impossible done: walk again.

Given his strong bond with nature and what he knew about it, he soon found himself on the path of essential oils. He became passionate about their workings and the many possibilities they offered. After years of research, at home and abroad, he learned as much as possible about essential oils and in 1991 he started to distil oils himself for the first time under the name Young Living.

He met his wife in 1993, he was at a fair with his oils and she liked him, but realized that he could use some marketing help; her specialty.

At the second meeting he offered her a job, which she declined but nevertheless offered to help him. Together they developed Young Living in 25 years into the market leader in Essential Oils.

They built Young Living without investors or loans, did all the work themselves and the Young family is still the driving force behind Young Living.

D. Gary Young died on 12 May 2018 as a result of a series of strokes. Mary Young has been the CEO of Young Living since 2015, and believes strongly in "Leading by Example". Gary was involved in product development and worked on the farms until his death. The company is no longer just about essential oils, but about products that are based on oils to enhance their effect and are designed to support a healthy and longer life.

Gary Young always said, "I don't make products for a profit, I make them for a purpose. Young Living is determined to make a difference".