10 Reasons to choose Young Living

  • Young Living has over 25 years of experience as a world leader in the research and distillation of essential oils.
  • Each batch of oil is subjected to strict tests by Young Living itself, but also by third parties, in order to guarantee the quality delivered.
  • Young Living grows all the plants on its own farms all over the world.
  • These farms are even open to the public, so that you can experience for yourself how they work.
  • Young Living has the largest range of essential oils and blends.
  • Young Living uses only the first distillation (so no inferior quality).
  • No harmful pesticides are used in the cultivation of plants. The crops are not genetically modified.
  • Weeding of the weeds is done manually and not with aggressive pesticides.
  • Young Living gives a Seed to Seal guarantee, so they have everything under their own control, from the seed to the sealing of the bottle.
  • Young Living offers much more than just oils. For example, they also have their own foundation and help children all over the world.

Seed to Seal

Young Living has set the standard for the purity and potency of essential oils for more than 20 years. The heart of the quality promise is a patented process: Seed to Seal®, which focuses on the five key requirements for producing authentic essential oils:

Seed - This is the vital first step in the Seed to Seal process. Selects, with the utmost care, seeds of the highest quality. Seeds that will produce plants with optimal levels of desired compounds.

Cultivate - Sustainable expertise in agriculture ensures that strict standards are met, both on the 7 Young Living farms and on the carefully monitored partner farms. Together with them, the company promotes a responsible and organic production process.

Distill - Young Living combines old and modern distillation techniques, at low pressure and temperature, to preserve the beneficial vegetable raw materials of each harvested batch during the first and only distillation.

Test - Internal laboratories and third party facilities implement careful testing to ensure quality and purity of the essential oils. Each load of distilled oil goes through a process of rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that the desired consistency of all batches is the same.

Seal - Young Living completes the Seed to Seal process by carefully sealing and inspecting each bottle of essential oil in state-of-the-art facilities before shipping them to members worldwide.

With these steps, Young Living exceeds the quality standards of the industry, ensuring that every drop of essential oil achieves the optimum level of beneficialness time and time again. This commitment makes Young Living the world leader in essential oils.

Find out more about Seed to Seal® here for more detailed information about the process. SEED TO SEAL