What does the phrase “Pure Therapeutic Grade” – used to describe some essential oils – mean?

The phrase doesn’t really mean that much… “Therapeutic Grade”, “Pure Therapeutic Grade”, “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, “Clinical Grade”, “Pharmaceutical Grade” etc. do not actually say anything about the quality or purity of an essential oil.

These terms are simply marketing or trademark terms used by some companies. Sometimes the term is used to describe the company’s quality standards, but since the terms are not regulated by any third party or government agency, they are simply terms used by companies for marketing purposes.

By definition, all essential oils are “therapeutic.” This simply means that they have some effect on the body’s systems. As long as you buy 100% pure essential oils, you don’t have to worry about using an inferior product.

Well-respected companies like Young Living provide documentation in the form of GC/MS tests and also provide the country of origin, Latin (botanical) name and other information about chemotypes.