How do essential oils affect hormones?

Essential oils and the active ingredients found in essential oils effect electrical impulses that feed the hypothalamus, and the hypothalamus is very important for balancing hormones.

Because the Hypothalamus is located centrally in the brain and right next to the cavities, which are most easily accessed through the nose, smelling is one of the ways in which the Hypothalamus is reached most easily and quickly. Also, due to its central location in the brain, the processing of this stimulation is transmitted directly.

Several studies show that aromatherapy with lavender is a simple way to relax, boost mood and reduce anxiety and depression, which can be useful in stimulating sexual desire, for example.

Essential oils such as Cardamom, Sage, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose and Ylang-Ylang are all popular aphrodisiacs known to have been used throughout history to increase libido. Cleopatra was highly skilled with the use of essential oils in her daily regimen, and I don’t just mean her beauty rituals…