Healthy Lifestyle: Natural living with essential oils from Young Living

Are you looking for a way to provide natural care for you and your family? Discover the many benefits of Young Living essential oils on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You’ll find a wide range of personal and household care products, all based on essential oils. So you naturally put an end to that annoying tickly cough, improve your sports performance and prevent chemical odours in the home. Supporting a 100% natural, toxic-free lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle

Passionate about natural living

We at Oiled by Nature love the natural, toxic-free products of Young Living. That’s why you can come to us to buy these products based on essential oils, but also for the necessary information about the unique lines. Young Living offers the possibility of natural care with the help of essential oils (also called essential oils) for every area of your life. To support your wellness, to replace chemical cleaning products, for a natural body care for the whole family and a calm head and body. You can even use the oils for aromatherapy.

Why choose Young Living?
Young Living has been the global leader in the research and distillation of essential oils for over 25 years. With Young Living, you get the largest range of oils and blends and all based make-up, baby products, cleaning products, supplements and pet care products. In addition, Young Living plays a role in supporting the development of children, victims of natural disasters and disadvantaged people worldwide through its own Young Living Foundation.

There are countless reasons to choose the essential oil of Young Living. Young Living spends a lot of time and effort safeguarding the quality: the company carries out strict inspections, uses only the first (purest) distillation, grows its own plants from which the oils are obtained and has the entire process in its own hands (hence the Seed to Seal guarantee). In addition, the crops are not genetically manipulated, no harmful pesticides are used and weeds are weeded manually. Curious? You can see for yourself how things are done on farms all over the world.

Always available
To ensure that your favourite products are always in stock, Young Living offers the option of monthly ordering. You choose your own favourite products every month and Young Living gives you all sorts of extras: free products, discount on shipping costs and you can earn even more free products. So you are never without and you do not have to settle for products of inferior quality.

Would you like to buy an essential oil or one of the other products? Would you like more information about the product range? Or are you thinking of also focusing on the business side in Young Living? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Call 06-44286317 or send an e-mail to We will be happy to tell you all about it.

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