About Us: Who Is Oiled By Nature?

We are Daniëlle & Ed Slingerland, married after a romance in Benidorm a lot of years ago. Our family consists of 2 sons Michael and Colin, 1 ex-aid dog Tim and Violet, our dear cat. We have a very full life that for Ed revolves around baseball and vinyl, for our boys around sports, music and gaming and for Daniëlle about her many creative hobbies, passions that she often shares through Facebook groups that she has set up, because she loves the community feeling and likes to bring people together like minded.

In June 2014 Daniëlle worked as a management assistant and lived a stressful life, among other things because Ed had become unemployed as a result of a reorganization and her resignation was approaching. We also had a family member who was terminally ill, which caused a lot of tension and many a short and restless night.

Although we couldn't do it financially, on the advice of a friend we still bought the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, to support our family. A kit with the most commonly used oils for the most common questions in a household. Since we had been working on a healthy lifestyle for some years now, the 100% natural essential oils of Young Living fit in perfectly with that.

Soon we shared with our friends, family, and everyone we spoke to, our experience and what this kit had brought to our lives. We are very active on social media so we shared it there as well and became interested in the products, just like we do when we've seen a nice movie, read a good book or discovered a new restaurant. The choice to start with the business opportunity that Young Living offers was quickly made. Helping people like we were helped and sharing what the possibilities are and what we have learned and even getting paid for was also a great opportunity to do what we are good at without having to make a big investment for it. You can read more about this on this page.....

After 8 months, the day Ed started a new job, Daniëlle started working full time from home on our Young Living business. Since 1 January 2018 Ed has been able to quit his regular job to help and support Danielle full-time in building our own business.

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