What do we do?

Through our work we have learned a lot about synthetic chemicals, which you can really find everywhere. We have replaced all products (to take care of ourselves, our home and our animals) with products from Young Living; a clean swap to a real toxic-free lifestyle. That wasn't an easy 1-2-3, we worked towards it slowly; every time a product was empty, we replaced it with a Young Living product. Meanwhile, we really use the oil products in all areas: school, work, sports, beauty, household, pets, etc. You can't think of anything so crazy or there is a nice product for it.

As distributors with Young Living, we pass on what we have learned. How essential oils can support health, physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition, we teach everyone how to create a Natural (chemical-free) lifestyle based on oil-based products.

Our lives have changed in such a positive way and we want that for everyone: that's why we share wherever and whenever we can what Young Living and a toxic-free lifestyle can bring you in a personal and business sense.

We've had some great experiences since we started this adventure: we've helped a lot of people, we're coaching an international team that does exactly as we' re doing: these are housewives and husbands, mothers, fathers, but also therapists, coaches, masseurs and many more professionals, men and women who are already active or want to be active in the Wellness sector.

We have helped many people realise their dreams and even more, so that they too can take care of their families in a natural way - by becoming financially independent and at the same time being able to realise their dreams - by building their own business with Young Living, just like we did.