Essential Rewards Program

The Essential Rewards Program is a monthly AUTOMATIC loyalty program.
It might sound scary, but it certainly is not. Think of it as a savings system like some shops have for returning customers: Every time you buy something you get stamps and when your card is full you would receive a certain amount. The Essential Rewards Autoship Program at Young Living works in a similar way, FREE products as a thank you loyal member.

What does it mean ?
- You order for a minimum of 50 PV of products (pv are points, 50 pv is about 50 euros)
- You decide the date, which you can customize each month.
- You can order the same every month if you change your monthly basket of something new.

What are the advantages ?
- You pay less shipping.
- You get points that you can redeem for free products.
   1-6 months: 10% of your ordered PVs.
   7-12 months 15% of your ordered PVs.
   from 13 months: 20% of your ordered PVs.

Loyalty Gifts

As an additional bonus, Young Living has added special loyalty gifts to members consecutively participating in the ER program:

3 consecutive months: Tangerine Plus Essential Oil (5ml)
6 consecutive months: Jade Lemon Essential Oil (5ml)
9 consecutive months: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (5 ml)
12 consecutive months: Exclusive Loyalty Essential Oil Blend

Is there a catch?
No! You can cancel Essential Rewards at any time without notice. For that you need to contact Young Living via email or phone.