Ordering a Starter Kit

Ordering a Starter kit from Young Living is real simple if you follow the following steps.  

IMPORTANT } If you have been referred to this website by an Oiled by Nature distributor, please inquire about ordering via them. If you have not been referred, please follow the instructions below.

Login HERE and select 'Member' if this has not already been selected (This is an important step if you wish to receive the memberdiscount of 24% on this and all future orders.) 

Select your ‘Country’ and your preferred language through the drop down menu ‘Select language’.

By following the link our number should have appeared under ‘Who introduced you to Young Living’. If our Young Living ID number (1889208) is not already filled in under 'Sponsor ID' and 'Enroller ID'  please do so. Young Living is a referral based company and by using our number to register, we become your sponsor and we will guide you every step of the way with your Young Living products.

Select ‘Next’ and click on ‘I Agree’ at the top of the page.

Fill in your personal details.

Select a  ‘Username’, ‘Password’ and ‘PIN’ and please make a note of these 3 as you need these if you wish to login at a later time. 

Agree to the terms of Young Living.

The next page is where you can select a Starter kit, you have different options;
The Premium Starter kit with Dewdrop diffuser, the Premium Starter kit with Aria diffuser, the Thieves Starter kit and the NingXia Starter kit. Please make sure you choose the correct language and plugs.

If you have your own company or practice, you can get an exemption from VAT. To obtain this exemption you need only to register but not yet order. With proof of your Chamber of Commerce registration and VAT number we can contact Young Living to make the necessary adjustments to your account, as soon as this has been realised you can order your Starter Kit with your 24% member discount and without the VAT. 

Select ‘No thank you, I plan on enrolling in Essential Rewards later’. If you would like to enroll for ER (Essential Rewards is a monthly autoship program for members) and would like to save up for free products and receive a discount on shipping from the start, please contact us because you will need to round up your order in another manner.

Select ‘Next’

Check the details and if these are correct these can be confirmed. 

If you would like to order additional products (empty capsules or other essential oils) you can now do so. We always advise new members to order V6: a great, non greasy, non staining, quick to absord carrier oil (ordernumber 303108) as most essential oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil. 

Select ‘Continue shopping’ to add any additional products to your order. If and when your order is complete select ‘Enrollment Checkout’.

The next screen is where you can select a ‘Shipping Method’ and check your ‘Shipping Address’.  Your payment details under ‘Billing Information’, please make sure your creditcard has been activated - if you recently received a new one or a replacement-, or your order will not be validated. 

If you do not own a creditcard, you can apply for a regular or pre-paid card alternatively there is also a possibility for a banktransfer (note: the latter requires the help of Young Living customer care)

Check all the details agan and if they are correct select  ‘Activate and Checkout’ so your order has been completed.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW? You will receive an email of confirmation from Young Living and after that from the courier service that your order is on it's way; delivery is approximately 4 days in Europe.

In the meantime we will send you our Young Living guide, a 14 day quick start -so you know what to do with your starter kit during your first few weeks- , a few tools and if you are on Facebook, we will add you to our membersgroup.