Because December can be expensive enough, Young Living has some very nice and unique gifts again for regular customers, and the more you order, the more gifts you receive…. Like a very exclusive Dreamy Dark Blue oil case to carry 30 oils or how about free shipping? Read below to find out which gifts you’ll receive with which order.

120 PV – Lemon Essential Oil 5 ml: Sunshine in a bottle! Lemon essential oil energizes body and mind and is part of NingXia Red, our delicious fruit drink. With just a few drops of this deliciously fresh oil, you can take on the whole world.

190 PV – Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil 15 ml: is a winter oil and perfect for supporting breathing. Awaken the senses with this slightly minty scent by diffusing or giving a refreshing massage.

190 PV – Peppermint Cedar Moisturizing Soap: This invigorating soap with strong, woody scent and pure essential oils refreshes and softens the skin, creates a creamy lather and guarantees a luxurious experience. This product is suitable for vegans and is 100% plant-based

250 PV – Rose Ointment 24.5g: conditions and moisturizes the skin with plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils such as rose oil, teatree oil and ylang-ylang oil.

250 PV – Cardamon+ Essentail Oil 5ml: The cardamom plant is found in southern India and has been used for centuries in both sweet and savory dishes.

350 PV – Lavender Calming Bath Bombs (4 pieces): Transform a warm bath with our Lavender Bath Bombs! These bath bombs are vegan and made with pure essential oils. They leave skin feeling silky smooth and give it a floral lavender scent.

350 PV – Acceptance Essential Oil 5ml: Stimulate joy and gratitude with this unique blend. Enriched with ylang-ylang, Hawaiian sandalwood and neroli. Sweet, yet spicy scent.

400 PV – FREE SHIPPING – With any Essential Reward Order of 400PV or more, there is no shipping charge.

450 PV – Exquisite Oil Case-Dreamy Navy: Make a beautiful statement, by bringing 30 oils (5ml) to any occasion in this beautiful and exclusive thunder blue oil case.

15% EXTRA discount on the following 3 oils:

Sacred Sandalwood Essential Oil 5 ml
3 Wise Men Essential Oil 15 ml
Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil 5 ml