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120 PV – Citrus Fresh Essential Oil (15ml) – Cheerful blend of orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit and spearmint. Add to face cream to cleanse and condition skin. Add this blend to a warm bath to enjoy the fresh, cheerful scent.

190 PV – Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo – plant-based, safe and good for the environment, is a strengthening daily cleanser for all hair types.

190 PV – Spearmint Essential Oil (5ml) – is fresh, stimulating and sharp, but less intense than Peppermint. Can be diluted with base oil for a stimulating massage. Or apply diluted to the chest and wrists for a wonderful fresh energy boost. Can also be added to soap, shower gel or shampoo for radiant skin and fresh hair.

250 PV – Sensation Essential oil (5ml) – enchanting blend of ylang-ylang, jasmine and geranium with a charming scent. Apply to the neck before meditation or yoga to open the mind to positivity and joy. Choose for spontaneity, freedom and adventure by adding a few drops to day cream.

250 PV – Coconut Lime Body Butter – contains mango butter and cupuacu butter that leave skin wonderfully soft. While Coconut Oil and Citrus Oil provide a fresh, tropical scent.

350 PV – Comfortone Capsules – is a dietary supplement that contains a fantastic combination of herbs and essential oils. ComforTone, with fennel and burdock herb that can support digestion and general well-being; packed with benefits you are guaranteed to love.

350 PV – Geranium Essential Oil (15ml) – has a sweet and cheerful rose-like scent and is known for its harmonious properties. Native Americans turned the roots of the geranium plant into a tonic to refresh their bodies. Add to body lotion to leave skin feeling wonderfully soft. Combine with Rose, Ylang Ylang and Joy.

400 PV – FREE SHIPPING – With any Essential Reward Order of 400PV or more, you don’t have to pay shipping.

450 PV – Glam Orange Oil Case – Once again, Young Living has an EXCLUSIVE and amazingly beautiful case for regular orderers: with this orange case, you’ll make others jealous everywhere you go!!!

450 PV – Shopping Bag – This 100% cotton bag features a fun print of our oils and is sure to become your new favorite bag.

All month EXTRA discount on the following oils:
One Heart Essential Oil 5 ml – 15% off
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 15 ml – 10% off
Romantic Moments Set (Rose Essential Oil 5ml & Jasmine Essential Oil 5ml) 15% off both oils!!!
or Rose Essential Oil 5ml – 10% discount on single oil
Jasmine Essential Oil 5ml – 10% discount on single oil

From February 1 – 14 EXTRA discount on the following products:
For Her Set (Joy Essential Oil 15ml & Copaiba Essential Oil 15ml) 10% off
For Him Set (Northern Lights Black Spruce 5ml & Golden Rod Essential Oil 5ml) 10% discount

Buy 1 Get 1 (or buy 1 and get something else for free) – February 1-14
Soft & Soapy Set (Thieves Foaming Hand Soap REFILL 946ml) – FREE Young Living Glass foaming hand soap dispenser

For all SPOT PROMOS applies: can be ordered on Essential Rewards as well as One-time order and as long as stocks last.