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Oiled by Nature
in a nutshell

– Founded by Daniëlle & Ed in 2014
– Platinum and Gold rank at Young Living
– Motivational and educational speakers
– Helping more than 2000 families
– International community of over 200 business members
– Annual turnover of more than €1.000.000
– Active on various social media platforms
– Workshops both online and in real life

As Brand Partner of Young Living, we pass on what we have learned. How essential oils can support health on a physical, mental and spiritual level. In addition, we teach everyone how you can realise a Natural (chemical-free) lifestyle on the basis of oil-based products.

Our lives have changed in such a positive way and we would like to see that happen for everyone. That is why we share wherever and whenever we can what Young Living and a toxic-free lifestyle can bring to you personally and professionally.

We have had some great experiences since we started this adventure: we have helped many people, we coach an international team that does exactly the same as we do: these are housewives and husbands, mothers, fathers but also therapists, coaches, masseurs and many more professionals, men and women who are already active or want to be active in the Wellness industry.
We have helped many to realise their dreams and even more than that, so that they too can take care of their families in a natural way – by becoming financially independent and at the same time realise their dreams – by building their own business with Young Living, just like we did.

Are you interested in becoming a Brand Partner of Young Living? Would you like to be guided by us? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can read more here.

Curious about who Daniëlle & Ed Slingerland are? Read more about us here!

The products of Young Living

Young Living is admired and respected around the world. We inspire people to live a life of wellness and abundance using essential oils and essential oil-based products. We started the modern movement in essential oils and keep it going.

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