As usual, we will highlight the June promos in brief, just like we do every month. Simply because not everyone is familiar with all the products.
LEMON – Sunshine in a bottle! This fresh oil is created by cold-pressing the peel of the fruit. The oil originates from Asia and is known as “the fruit of health”. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used lemon oil for various health purposes. Lemon oil energises body and mind and is part of NingXia Red, our delicious fruit drink. With just a few drops of this deliciously fresh oil, you can take on the entire world.
ELEMI – This fresh citrus-like oil is known for its balancing and soothing properties. The elemi tree (Canarium Iuzonicum) is indigenous to the Philippines and can grow up to 30 metres tall. This oil is extracted by steam distillation from the gum resin. Smell the bottle to enjoy the invigorating scent. Or add to your favourite body wash for a morning fresh feeling and enjoy a wonderfully soft skin. Dilute with coconut oil, soothes tired muscles. Works very well with Lemon, Orange and Cinnamon.
VYTALYTE DROPS – Water has never tasted this good! YL Vytalyte Drops help you stay hydrated naturally and without sugar or artificial colours. There are two delicious flavours that will tantalise your taste buds. You can choose between Lavender & Lemon or Grapefruit & Bergamot. Formulated with natural electrolytes from Great Saltlake Lake and pure essential oils. Just a few drops of YL Vytalyte Drops in your glass of water will keep you hydrated and feeling great!
SAGE – has a spicy and herbal smell. The oil is known for its ability to reinforce the nerves and vital centres of the body and to support the metabolism. Can be used to support breathing. Sage can be used on the skin to cleanse and purify the skin.
FRANKINCENSE – Add a touch of elegance to life with this warm, woody scent. Frankincense oil, or the King of Essential Oils, has been considered extremely valuable and used in skin care rituals for centuries. The oil can be used in many different ways, supporting beauty rituals and stimulating mindfulness. Simply add a few drops to face cream to reveal a healthy glow.
CORIANDER PLUS – is widely used to flavour dishes. The herb is native to the Middle East, is part of the carrot family and has feathery leaves. Coriander oil is produced by steam distillation of the leaves. The ancient Egyptians called coriander the “happy herb” because of its fresh, uplifting smell. Today, coriander is available throughout the world and is used particularly in Asian and Central and South American dishes.
MULTIGREENS – Contains plants, bee pollen and a blend of essential oils. It is a source of choline that supports normal homocysteine, fat metabolism and liver function.
FREE SHIPPING – With every Essential Reward Order of 400PV or more, there is no shipping charge.
OWL BEDDING SET – EXCLUSIVE SET of Feather the Owl for your little one’s bed! The set consists of a 120x180cm sheet and a 40x60cm pillowcase and is made of 100% cotton. Of course with the Feather the Owl logo.