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DID YOU KNOW… December 2022

DID YOU KNOW… December 2022

that as of Jan. 1st, Wintergreen can no longer be sold in personal care products in all countries of the European Community?
There is a LAW that regulates that only a very small amount of Methyl Salicylate is allowed in cosmetics/care products….

Young Living has quite a few products in its collection, imported into Europe as cosmetics, that do contain Methyl Salicylate.

Methyl Salicylate is the active ingredient extracted from Wintergreen (or Mountain Tea), which is used in products to soothe muscle discomfort, for example.
Such products are also the ones Young Living uses the essential oil in:
– Wintergreen essential oil
– Cool Azul essential oil
– PanAway essential oil blend
– Deep Relief oil blend
– Raven oil blend
– Ortho-Sport massage oil
– Ortho-Ease massage oil
– CBD Muscle Balm
– Cool Azul Sport Gel
– Active & Fit kit (both Deep Relief oil and Cool Azul Sport Gel)
– BLM capsules
– Super Cal
but also the immensely popular Starter Bundles with the Aria, Dew drop and Desert Mist diffusers, and the CBD Premium Bundles as well as the 30 oils kit and the Raindrop Technique kit…

A replacement for the majority of the products will have to be chosen, but a number of products will be disappearing completely as a result.