Frequently Asked Question… February 2023

Frequently Asked Question… February 2023

Why is there always Ylang Ylang in perfume?

Ylang-ylang is a yellow, star-shaped flower from the Cananga tree. The flower is found in tropical rainforests in India and parts of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia., Australia, as well as on the Farm Finca Botanica in Ecuador. The flower has a wide range of benefits (based on scientific research and cultural traditions), ranging from beauty (it is known for its fragrance) to wellness benefits such as:

It brightens your mood. In a 2009 study, the flower increased calmness in participants. Whether applied directly to the skin or inhaled through a diffuser, the flower’s constituents can be a great stress reliever.

It acts as an aphrodisiac. There is no research to support this claim. However, the flower’s soothing properties have been associated with stimulating sexual desire and balancing mental health. In Ecuador, ONLY WOMEN pick the flowers ( of which the heart of the flower turns red)… You now understand why!

It supports the appearance of the skin. The main ingredient -linalool- uses its action to nourish, moisturise and help repair the skin. Read more about it in a 2017 study.