D. Gary Young Young Living Foundation

Young Living's mission is to bring Young Living essential oils into every home in the world and inspire individuals with wellness, purpose and abundance. When they say every home, they really mean every home. The Young Living Foundation carries out this mission in unmediated communities, providing them with education, welfare and economic opportunities from Ecuador to Japan; the United States to Uganda; Croatia to Nepal...

The Young Living Foundation is an organisation for unmediated communities and supports these people and especially children all over the world. All donations go 1 on 1 to the charity. No high salaries or expenses are paid, because the employees are paid by the company of Young Living. Not many organisations can achieve this!

As a Young Living member you can make a monthly donation, support the education and care of a child (kind of foster parents plan), organize shoe cutting parties (we will organize this soon) for the Sole Hope project or just make a one-time donation. But there is much more you can do in the form of help. As a Young Living member you can also take part in volunteer trips, where you can help yourself and at the same time see with your own eyes what kind of help is offered with the donated money.

We are currently working on helping the children in Ecuador to play sports: see here our project "Baseball for Ecuador".

Recent (cooperation) projects:

  • Mexico: Construction of two schools and a water system for the Tarahumara Indians in the Copper Canyon of Durango.
  • Uganda: Cooperation with 'Healing Faith Uganda' offers malaria education, prevention and treatment in rural Ugandan villages.
  • Uganda: Cooperation with 'African Hearts Community Organization' a programme to help children in the slums and streets of Kampala. Orphans who have been abandoned by their parents as a result of poverty and who have little or no access to food, shelter and clothing.
  • Collaboration with 'Sole Hope' in Uganda a program that offers hope for a healthier life, and a life without foot related diseases through education, employment and medical assistance. By not wearing closed shoes Ugandan children and adults are very sensitive to diseases caused by a parasite called jiggers, which usually enters the body through the feet. What are jiggers? Jiggers are small parasitic sand fleas that burrow into bare feet, causing infection, tissue death or paralysis, and even amputation and death. Thousands of Ugandan children live without sufficient protective footwear and are not well informed about the cause and effect of jiggers. Sole Hope uses medical personnel to safely remove the jiggers. Once treated, Sole Hope offers the children and their families: education, durable shoes and once these people are back in their village, the area is completely disinfected, and they get new mattresses to sleep on.
  • Ecuador: Building a primary school in Guayaquil, this school serves as a model school that is completely vaccine-free! A school where the children help to grow their own organic garden that contributes to their healthy, organic lunches, and where they learn why good organic food can heal their bodies in the natural way that Mother Nature offers it. A year later, a second edition was launched for the kindergarten and with cultural art programmes.
  • Helping the victims of the earthquake of April 2016 in Ecuador.
  • Croatia: Cooperation with the Maestral Orphanage in Split since 2014. Providing help to children and young adults who have been taken away from their families due to neglect, abuse or other problems. Maestral is currently the only orphanage of its kind in the area and is trying to create a family-friendly environment for these children by housing five children and one staff member per apartment. Maestral thus stimulates trust, success and personal growth (and empowering the children) by giving each individual child the caring attention it deserves.
  • Japan: Helping and providing emergency relief during the earthquake and tsunami.
  • Nepal: Cooperation with 'Rebuild Nepal'. It has been a few years since the earthquakes in Nepal tragically killed almost 9,000 people and destroyed more than 900,000 homes, leaving millions of people without a roof over their heads. Many of the victims struggled to survive with temperatures below zero, and heavy rainfall prevented them from reaching their temporary shelters. On a recent trip to Nepal, Gary Young felt the desperate need to rebuild houses and immediately devised a plan of action. The Young Living Foundation immediately bought equipment that could make bricks in order to rebuild the first village near the epicentre and then move it to more remote areas to continue building there. Meanwhile, the residents of Yarsa all have a home again thanks to the Young Living Foundation and the volunteers who have helped build for free.
  • India: Providing emergency relief for people with leprosy in India.
  • US: Providing emergency relief after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Financial contribution and support to various universities that carry out research into the use of essential oils.