Gary and Mary Young

Young Living was founded by D.Gary Young 20 years ago.

Raised in a simple log cabin in the mountains where life was hard but fair, his father always said, "listen to the wind or the cry of an animal. Look for signs to see where goes the animal. Look at the trees and see how they move. See the shape of a seed and the plant which grows therefrom. Nature can always tell what is real and what is not: they will always show the truth. "

At a young age Gary's father taught him the importance of caring for nature, what is good for you and what not and told him "don’t believe what you hear, believe what you see and listen, learn and understand."

Mother Nature took care of the family; he grew up and was trained at an early age to help with the planting, growing, harvesting, grinding, cleaning, drying, canning and storing crops.

At 18 he owned a (logging) farm and not long after had a terrible accident. The doctors told him he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. A terrible prospect that he did not want to live with; mentally it was a huge weight on his shoulders, he was forced to find a way to continue living with his pain and misery.

He did not give up and began a quest to achieve the impossible: to walk again.

Given his strong connection with nature and his knowledge, he quickly found his path to the essential oils. He became passionate about their qualities and the many possibilities they offered. After years of research, at home and abroad, he learned as much about essential oils as he could and distilled his first Young Living essential oils in 1991.

He met his wife in 1993, at an Expo where he was was sharing his oils and she found him endearing, but thought he could use some marketing assistance; her specialty.

At their second encounter, he offered her a job, she refused but offered to help him. Over the last 20 years they built Young Living together and became the market leader in Essential Oils.

They built Young Living with no outside capital, no borrowed money, did most of the work themselves and are still the driving force behind Young Living.

Mary Young is the CEO of Young Living, and believes in "Leading by Example". Gary is engaged in the development of products and still works on the farms. The company is not just about essential oils, the oil are a basis of many products that help strengthen their effect that are designed to support a healthy and longer life.

Gary Young always says "I do not make products for a profit, I make it with a purpose. Young Living is committed to making a difference".