Oiled by Nature sponsors Baseball Against Cancer By Night Marathon again this year

May 2018 - Baseball Against Cancer has been organizing baseball clinics for the youth for some years now, with the proceeds being entirely in favor of the KWF. Because this goal is very dear to us, we also sponsor the boys of BAC by Night again this year; The team plays baseball games all night against 8 different opponents, all of whom pay registration fees and thus hope to raise a large sum.  

SOURCE: Baseball Against Cancer

Chris Lambton (Lifestyle Expert) on marriage and his kid

March 2018 -vWhen your favorite household cleaner is featured in one of your favorite magazines... 😍 ✨ 


Jenna Dewan Tatum on Watching Dance Movies with Channing, Unplugging, and Finding Joy in the Little Things

March 2018 - "It's amazing how a scent can change your mood. "- Jenna Dewan Tatum. Aromas are powerful and the science behind your sense of smell is great! If you're like Jenna and need some upheaval during your crazy days, try some Hope and En-R-Gee ™ add essential oil blends to your daily routine.

Hope is like a hug in a bottle. It is known to create an atmosphere to restore your faith by reconnecting with feelings of strength and stability.

En-R-Gee ™ essential oil blend offers an invigorating aromatic boost when you need it the most!

SOURCE: InStyle Magazine

We were featured in MARIE CLAIRE USA!

July 2017 - We were featured in Marie Claire!! In the latest print issue of @marieclairemag, @robinrobertsgma shares her experience with Lavender essential oil and the Dewdrop Diffuser!

SOURCE: Instagram

How Hollywood can get sleep during all the madness around the AWARDS-SEASON

Nov 2016 - Relativity Media president Dana Brunetti says sleep is the key to staying healthy, so during awards season he does it "as much as possible". Easier said than done. To promote shut-eye, seven-time Emmy winner Allison Janney turns to hot baths with Young Living essential oils - Lavender, Peace & Calming and Valor are her staples. MORE.

SOURCE: Pret-a-Porter

Soul & Spirit Magazine

June 2016 - Thanks to Soul & Spirit magazine for a great article about the power of Raindrop Technique! It was definitely a privilege to read this.

Study In Oil And Autism

April 2016 - The children in the Ohio State study "essential oils" carry an actigraph to register movements; Shannon treated her son Sam with essential oils.

Sleep can be a challenge for children with autism.
In fact, up to 3 out of 4 children with autism have sleeping problems - and currently there are no FDA approved drugs for children with sleeping problems.

But what if essential oils could help? That is the big question that researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centum are asking themselves.

Source: Werner Medical Center

The Iron Cowboy

Jan. 2016 - "The Iron Cowboy" has finally taken the headlines by successful 50 all triathlons to accomplish in 50 days in all 50 states! He is inspiring let everyone marathon resemble a joke ... As he states in the video on the left, he is definitely a product of the use of products from Young Living, from head to toe. From shampoos to protein powders to supplements and essential oils themselves.

Source: Young Living Blog

Why Oil (Especially with this weather) Your New Face Cream Will

Jan 2016 - Move it must have but you "when I have money-list 'to your daily routine. Facial Oil is not only good for hydration, but also protects against dirt and bleak, cold, brrr again. And can be a healer for skin problems.

But. How does that work, face oil? Pretty simple. Facial oil you can apply under your makeup or used separately as skin care. It is important that you know which oil is best for your skin type. And to create some clarity in the 'face oil landscape "(one oil is after all the other not) we asked chief of ELLE's Beauty Lab, Sylvia Platjouw, for an explanation.

According to Sylvia, there are basically two types of oil: base oil and essential oil (also called essential oil).

Source: Elle

Celebrities Caught With Young Living Products - Part 2

Oct 2015 - Alanis Morissette, omschrijfend himself as "Hippie-Eco Girl" look at her shop ideas on Instagram. "I liked almost everything in my bag by following small shops" says the Grammy winner, 41, whose album Jagged Little Pill: true Collector's Edition Friday, October 30th. The mother of Ever, 4 - with wife rapper Mario "Souleye" Treadway - late US Weekly's "magic treasures" look she has in her Newbark clutch.

Source: US Weekly

Alternative Therapies For Animals

May 2015 - Essential Oil Therapies

Essential oils times using oil extracted from plants to enhance recovery, support normal, healthy behavior and support normal healing process of our patients.

Source: Integrative Vet Med Center

Celebrities Caught With Young Living Products

Sept 2014 - BANG! Mayim Bialik (38), has the perfect balance between practical and prepared. "I'm not a person of luxury," The Big Bang Theory actress admits. "I have this duffel since high school!" What did the mother of Miles, 8, and Frederick, 6 (ex-husband Michael Stone) all by herself in her handbag? Mayim reveals her "moetjes" to US Weekly.

Source: US Weekly

Orange Fragrance relieves stress during childbirth

May 2014 - With summer in the air news about the smell of oranges. Research shows that this scent relieves stress in women during childbirth.

Orange Essence carries originating warmth, joy and airy unconcern about (Fischer-Rizzi, 1993). The aroma-therapeutic use of the orange (Citrus aurantium) wide. The essential oil from the peel of the orange helps amongst others cramp by nervousness.

Source: Vakplatform for Natuurgeneeskundige

Lead singer of "Train" during the 2014 International Convention YL

June 2014 - Train was the headliner at Young Living's 2014 International Grand Convention.
Check out the video right from the lead singer Patrick Monahan, while he talks about essential oils and Young Living. He seems to use them for each show !!!

Lavender beats anti-depressants

Jan 2014 - Lavender oil can help against anxiety disorders. This is demonstrated in a large-scale study by scientists from Vienna (Austria). The extract of lavender would work even better than a modern chemical antidepressant. The scientists published their study in the latest issue of the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.

The study followed 539 patients. They were given every day, or about 160 or 80 milligrams of lavender oil, or 20 mg of the antidepressant paroxetine. Of course, a part of the group was given a placebo as a control.

Source: GGZNieuws

Slotervaart Hospital follows American example

Sept 2011 - In America, essential oils are now used in many hospitals to support the health and welfare of patients. Very nice to read that the Slotervaart hospital essential oils efforts as complementary care during childbirth!

(If they use 100% pure essential oils from Young Living (with their therapeutic quality), the effect would be even greater!).

Source: Slotervaart hospital