Young Living Foundation

Young Living's mission is to bring Young Living essential oils to every home in the world, inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance. When they say every house, they mean really each house. The Young Living Foundation carries out this mission in destitute communities by providing them with education, health and economic opportunities of Ecuador to Croatia; the United States to Uganda.

The Young Living Foundation is an organization that supports these people and especially children around the world. Everything donated to the Foundation goes directly to charity. There are no expensive salaries or expenses paid for by the donations, they are paid solely  by Young Living. This cannot be said about many charitable organizations out there!

As Young Living member you can round up your monthly order, to support the training and care of a child (a kind of foster parents plan), you can participate in shoe cutting parties (which we will soon organize) for the Sole Hope project or make a donation. But there is much more that you can do than just donate money in the form of volunteerwork. As Young Living member you can participate in volunteer trips, where you can help yourself while you see with your own eyes what help it will offer with the donated money.