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We are passionate about our lifestyle and have found that sharing it can inspire others to look differently at how they can also support their health in a natural way, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our lives have changed in such a positive way and we wish that for everyone, both personally and professionally. Together with our Oiled by Nature community, we are making different choices and showing that Network Marketing can be different.

A community of like-minded people sharing stories and successes, dreams of freedom and well-being.

We are Daniëlle & Ed Slingerland, married after a romance in Benidorm quite a few years ago. Our family is made up of 2 sons Michael and Colin, 1 dog Franki and 3 cats Cedar, Tansy and Ginger.

As proud Platinum leaders at Young Living, we are passionate about sharing knowledge about wellness, purpose, abundance and essential oils. When we started using essential oils ourselves for our family, everything changed and we couldn’t help but share our experiences. Sharing our positive results sparked a lot of curiosity from friends and family, which quickly allowed us to build a community where we could learn and grow together. Our passion for wellness quickly grew, and Danielle was able to express her creativity and proclaim our mission through social media.

Our own lives changed in such a positive way, and we wish the same transformation for everyone. That’s why we actively and enthusiastically share, anytime and anywhere, what Young Living and a toxic-free lifestyle can offer, both personally and professionally.

Guiding our members and helping them support their health in a natural way, physically, mentally and spiritually, gives us immense satisfaction. We also love coaching our team of brand partners so they can care for their families in a natural way as well as achieve their own dreams and financial independence by building their own business with Young Living.

Discover the benefits of essential oils for yourself and join our growing community. Let us guide you on your journey to wellness and success. Contact us today and take the first step toward a life of wellness and abundance with Young Living.