Why is an oil or product out of stock and often long-term not available for purchase?

Let’s talk about Wintergreen Oil for example.

We have talked before about how Young Living goes out of its way to test its essential oils. For fans of analytical chemistry, I have attached an article (1) published by scientists at the D. Gary Young Research Institute on the use of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) to monitor methyl salicylate in wintergreen ( and Birch) essential oils.

Young Living tests up to 90 times (ninety) a batch of oil. At any time during that cycle that the standards, as are set forth in the Seed to Seal, are not met, the entire batch will no longer be used for Young Living oils or products.

Young Living no longer uses the tested material, but they sell it on the market to so-called “Brokers,” who resell the batch to other essential oil sellers or pharmacists, who can and do supply their products with lesser quality or reuse them as semi-finished products….

The cause of not reaching the standard values can be: not enough sun, too much sun, not enough rain, too much rain, not enough nutrition in the soil, too rich nutrient soil. And this is not to give a weird answer, but to indicate that growing/cultivating material listens very closely.

Furthermore, it sometimes happens that a harvest fails. Then there is simply no material, and therefore no oil! And no, Young Living does not buy oil from a source whose origin they do not know, so: out=out!

And lastly, Synthetic methyl salicylate: cheap and widely available, is often used to adulterate oils…. These are the oils you can buy for just a few euros on Marketplace, Ali-Express or even at Primark or Action.

And so that is what is going on right now with Wintergreen and Ortho Sport: there is simply not enough and good Wintergreen to guarantee customer quality.

(1) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10412905.2021.1925362?cookieSet=1&fbclid=IwAR20c1uOZnNo8YSAnQmhexsQvZdUyZFhP7P_lKTF3ZoOigdbnJfmW62tbjc