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What are enzymes and what do they do?

Enzymes are crucial to the Digestion and Absorption of food and play a key part in promoting gut health. Undigested food causes true havoc in the body, causing a sprawl of yeast, fungi, parasites, bacteria and microorganisms, which are the start of illnesses and inflammation in the body. Enzymes are natural catalysts, made of proteins, that speed up chemical reactions and release the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in food.

Enzymes are very specific, and each type of enzyme will only ” breakdown” one type of “food.” Fats are broken down by an enzym called lipase, and this process takes place in the mouth. Lipase is found in your spit. Proteins are broken down by enzymes called protease (pepsin) and this process takes place in the stomach. Carbohydrates (also called starch) are broken down by enzymes called amylase and this process takes place in the small intestines. See below for an example of the process.

Enzymes cannot work without co-factors, and each enzyme is designed to work with a particular co-factor. You’ve heard of these co-factors – they’re called “minerals.” Unless an enzyme is accompanied by its co-factor/mineral, or a substitute co-factor/mineral, it simply won’t do anything. There are eighteen co-factors/minerals in the human diet.

Unfortunately, today’s modern diet often creates an imbalance of both minerals and enzymes. That’s why supplements are important: they can help us restore nutritional balance so we can get the most nutrients from our food. Young Living has 4 supportive enzymes, Essentialzymes-4, Essentialzyme, SulfurZyme, and Detoxzyme, plus a product specifically tailored to kids, Mightyzyme.