Is it true that Copaiba oil enhances the effect or function, when used in combination with other oils?

To answer this question, you should know that Copaiba is distilled from the resin of the Copaifera tree, which grows in the northern part of South America, and mainly in Brazil. Oils distilled from trees include sesquiterpene, compounds with a higher molecular weight, which means they do not evaporate as quickly.

Other essential oils contain components such as monoterpene, with a lower molecular weight, which often evaporate ( vaporizing ) faster. So by mixing Copaiba or applying it on top of another oil, you ensure that the lighter constituents also have the opportunity to get into your skin, blood and cells.

The other piece of the myth is that there is also another sesquiterpene in Copaiba called beta caryophyllene. This compound (which is also found in CBD oil in lower amounts, by the way), can work very well with the CB2 receptors of the (mainly) immune cells in your body.

Conclusion: Copaiba does not enhance the functioning or the effect, because enhancing would mean that you turn an ordinary person into a superhero… When Copaiba is combined with another oil, you give that oil the chance to do its own work better, faster or more efficiently.