Once again at the beginning of the new year, Young Living has some very nice and unique gifts for regular orderers, and the higher your order, the more gifts you will receive…. Read below which gifts you will receive with which purchase order.

120 PV – Thieves Spray – is ideal for use on door handles, toilet seats, and any surface that needs cleaning to protect against dust, mold, and unwanted microorganisms. This small bottle is perfect for travel or to keep in your purse or backpack.

190 PV – Charcoal Bar Soap – made with the powerful absorbent properties of activated charcoal, pulls out dirt and impurities without compromising the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

190 PV – Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner – is a rich, moisturizing conditioner for dry or damaged hair. Plant-based, safe and environmentally responsible.

250 PV – R.C. Essential oil (15ml) – Expertly blended with a touch of Spruce, Cypress and three types of Eucalyptus oils for an energizing aroma. Renew and revitalize your senses with this uplifting scent.

250 PV – Gratitude Essential oil (5ml) – Based on the innovative scents of Coriander, Myrrh and Ylang Ylang, the Gratitude blend is perfect for starting your day off right! Simply dab on your neckline and pulse points for an energizing scent, letting go of worries and focusing on manifesting joy, abundance and happiness.

350 PV – Mirah Shave oil – is formulated with a rich blend of essential oils, emollients and botanicals for a luxurious shave with or without water. Exotic baobab, marshmallow and avocado oils work together with the Mirah essential oil blend for a frictionless glide.

350 PV – Aroma Siez Essential Oil (5ml) – this cooling and refreshing blend is perfect during the cold months and supports easy breathing. Put it in your bag and inhale directly from the bottle while inhaling the notes of Basil, Peppermint and Cypress.

400 PV – FREE SHIPPING – With any Essential Reward Order of 400PV or more, you don’t have to pay shipping.

450 PV – Aromalux Diffuser – functions not only as an aroma diffuser, but also as an atomizer in one easy-to-use product. The atomizing technology transforms essential oils into a vapor of millions of micro-particles.

15% EXTRA discount on the following oils:
Motivation Essential Oil 5 ml
Release Essential Oil 15 ml